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If you genuinely want to drive leads and sales traffic to your business online, you can never go wrong with Google Ads campaigns. As a Google ads agency in Dubai, we help companies create Google Ads in meaningful yet strategic terms. We target potential customers with our tools and drive traffic to your business pages and websites.

Years of experience, precise ads creation, and full-proof ad campaigns is what we do, you may have heard every company in the world say that. We as an agency help you segregate your audience in a way in which we understand the different types of keyword groups they will be attracted to. We also understand the times at which the suggested audience is clicking or searching the most only to help you optimize your budget further.

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As a Google ads management company in Dubai, our main aim is to help our clients get the right results in an optimum budget. No business can accommodate an ads campaign budget unless we consider the business operations, understand it, research the market, understand the buying cycle and the cost of the product or service. Once a business equation is made, is when we can really create a Google PPC campaign that brings results.

When researching about your business and its audience, we do keep in mind the various players you will be competing with before analyzing your historical account data. All this research and data will help us create Google ads campaigns that will be helpful to your business in the long run.

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Placing Ads on Google, as easy as it may sound, is not just about placing budget adding keywords and that’s about it. You don’t need a digital marketing agency for that. We leverage different research tools and techniques to follow an intelligent marketing procedure. Google ads are more about a partnership since the agency understands the business first, helps make placements of ads in target areas and audiences at the right timing to ensure that the spend brings in the return on investment (ROI). At Happenize, we become your Google Ad partners for your paid search, your ecommerce campaigns and to generate results for your business.

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